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Why buy a Shed CAD shed?

  1. Our sheds are stronger due to a few enhancing features. Double Knee & Apex brackets forming a Box around all portal connections with “Rafter on top of columns”, Thicker material and 5% more overlap. We do not believe in supplying a shed just strong enough to pass engineering criteria and council approval as that means it is just on the borderline. See the destruction after most severe storms around Australia. One would assume that those buildings were built to minimum engineering /council standards.
  2. Our sheds are easier to erect. Due to the double “boxed” Knee & Apex brackets, it is easier and quicker to erect portals.
    Our sheds are designed with the length and width “snapped “ to the cladding width. This means that there is no need to cut the last wall or roof sheet to fit the length of the shed wall. Customized trimming of flashings, window and door frames are kept to a minimum.
  3. Our shed kits are guaranteed to be correct, no wrong parts, no missing parts and no wrong sizes supplied. This is made possible due to a system unique to Shed CAD where the design software BOM (Bill Of Materials) is compared against an automated 3D CAD generated BOM. In addition to this, every kit is hand checked before shipment.
  4. Our sheds have a shorter delivery time. As we control the factory automation, we can guarantee shorter delivery times. The Shed CAD program interfaces directly with all CNC controlled machines in the factory and ensures efficient job scheduling. The production foreman controls the job scheduling from the office. All machines in the factory are networked to the office for maximum efficiency.
  5. Our sheds comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).
  6. Our shed designs are in accordance with the principles of the Steel Shed Group Design Guide.
  7. We engage the services of an engineer or engineers who are appropriately qualified and utilizes correctly the appropriate Australian design standards, the Building Code of Australia and the Steel Shed Group Design guide in the certification of structures.
  8. We provide documentation above acceptable quality for use by local government, building certifiers and installers.
  9. Our sales staff have a competent knowledge of building design criteria.
  10. We refer installers that are appropriately licensed.
  11. Our sheds comply with safety requirements.
  12. We comply with government regulations including consumer and trade practice laws.

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